The line of skincare products FAMILY DOCTOR was developed by the "Alliance of Beauty" as series of products created on the basis of recipes from plant extracts.

A rich assortment of products for skin care and cleansing will delight by its effectiveness and reasonable price. In this series you will find all the necessary hygiene products for yourself and your family: soap, shampoos, shower gels and intimate hygiene, hand cream and foot care products, oral care, as well as unique products for the face - micellar water and other products for care and cleansing. The collection of medicinal herbs of the planet represented in a variety of products, has positive effect on human skin, and most importantly – makes it healthy.

FAMILY DOCTOR is a great source of beneficial substances for your skin giving gentle care and pleasant sensations. Extracts of calendula, wheat germ oil, aloe vera, chamomile, cranberry, ginseng, sea buckthorn, oak bark, burdock, ginger, red tea and many other essential for beauty and health ingredients enrich your skin with a complex of important vitamins, restore, making it healthy and velvety.

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