Children's “cool” cosmetics KLYAKSA is a reliable and safe assistant for parents in child care. Hypoallergenic perfume, no parabens and colorants, as well as herbal extracts will provide your baby with tender care of skin and reliable protection.

A distinctive feature of these products is also a unique form of flacons in the form of puzzles, as well as "cool" names to help you to captivate your baby in an interesting game, making hygienic care a favorite pastime. Funny and variegated images on the flacons will become favorite characters of your kids.

The line is represented by two sun protection products with maximum SPF 50 (for the sea) and SPF 30 (for walking with the baby around the city and the garden). These formulations provide not only reliable protection for your little treasure, but also give a set of nutrients (including D-panthenol), which protect the skin from overdrying and exfoliation. These products may also be successfully used by adults.

KLYAKSA line is supplemented by bath and shower products necessary for the child's daily washing. The products are hypoallergenic fragrance to help you bathe your baby without irritating his eyes. Thanks to a special shampoo for girls with long hair you also will get rid of the difficulties with combing.

 All the ingredients of cosmetics are selected considering sensitivity of the baby's skin, does not contain soap, gently and effectively cleanse the bacteria harboring, protecting and caring of if as it is necessary for the child. 

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