OBLEPIKHA is a unique line of cosmetic products based on precious sea buckthorn oil.  Aromatic sunny berries contain "valuable treasure" elements that are beneficial for your health and natural beauty.

In this line you can find all the necessary products for daily hygiene of the whole family. Shower gels and intimate hygiene, creams, balms for hands and feet, hair shampoo. The peculiarity of these products is the healing properties of sea buckthorn oil and medical herbs optimally chosen to each recipe.

The sea buckthorn oil contains many carotenoids, phytosterols substances included in the cell membranes, promotes the process of regeneration and renewal; phospholipids necessary in metabolic processes; tocopherols having antioxidant properties. The oil is very rich in vitamins A, C, E, B group; also contains fatty acids: palmitic, linoleic, palmitoleic and many others.

Sea buckthorn oil - is also a anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent. It is often used not only in cosmetics, but also in folk and official medicine. It effectively and quickly can repair damaged skin: wounds, domestic burns, micro cracks. It facilitates the process of skin rejuvenation and restoration.

Using a unique cocktail of active ingredients, oil transforms the hair, makes it resistant to external factors, thicker, it returns smoothness and gloss, it improves its growth.  Another advantage of sea buckthorn oil is that it is successfully and effectively used for the treatment of dandruff and alopecia.

All these properties and many other factory technologists have collected for you in a unique, bright, colorful, berry-like flacons of our product line for beauty and health OBLIPIKHA.

All the power of the precious sea buckthorn - for you!

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