ORGANIC  CONTROL – Ukraine's first line of organic homecare products received a certificate of quality European independent Institute for environmental certification of products «ICEA» (Italy).

It is safe laundry detergents including laundry for newborn and dishwashing liquid, and detergents for all kinds of surfaces. Brand new product - cleanser for vegetables and fruits, as well as for baby bottles, toys and pacifiers. The composition of ORGANIC CONTROL products contains only natural ingredients that are completely harmless for the human body and do not harm the environment. The entire series of organic agents for laundry and dishwashing ORGANIC CONTROL passed tests in independent laboratories in Europe, which confirms their excellent quality and safety in use.

ORGANIC CONTROL products are aimed at reducing the impact on the environment does not affect the toxicity of the water and promote rapid biodegradability. Organic laundry detergent ensures completely safe as it is a phosphate-free detergent. Herbal ingredients included in the above-mentioned detergents dissolve easily in water, not remaining on the skin, utensils or things, thus preserving the health for your entire family.  

Organic products of TM «ORGANIC CONTROL» - is a guarantee of safety, efficiency and reliability. According to the norms and criteria of ICEA, experts of the company "Alliance of Beauty" in the manufacture of these products use only environmentally friendly raw materials of phytogenic origin, which does not cause a person any allergic reactions and can be used safely for children. 

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