VIVA OLIVA - the mystery of the green gold!

Each flacon of this unique series is enriched with valuable olive oil - Extra Virgin.
Olive oil is differently called "liquid gold" - so useful its composition is! A rich assortment of this line will please any woman with exquisite of beauty recipes. Among the facilities you can find shampoos and balms, creams, balms for the hands and body, products for personal hygiene, bath and shower.

Its main secret is olive oil.

It should be noted that many of the women of ancient Greece used this means to keep their skin young.

What is the secret of beneficial properties of olive oil?

Worth noting that olive oil is rich in vitamins E and A. The first - help to prolong youth of a skin, the second - contribute it moisturizing and maintain elasticity. Olive oil is also known by other equally useful vitamins (B, D, K and others), it contains monounsaturated fat that improves skin condition.

Thanks to the rich composition the oil has regenerating, rejuvenating, moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is an excellent skin protector against the harmful effects UV light, safeguard against chapping and frostbite, improves oxygen metabolism and nutrition of the skin, thus preventing the aging process.

Olive oil also has beneficial healing effects on hair as a source of nutrients for dry and damaged hair. It gives hair a healthy glow, makes obedient and thick, arranges structure of hair, stops loss and stimulates growth, relieving your hair from split ends forever.

Thanks to such valuable qualities, olive oil became the basis of a series of cosmetic VIVA OLIVA in which each formula is unique in its properties.

Enjoy youth and health with products VIVA OLIVA! All the best for you!

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