Hand care cream

10 October 2016

The company "Alliance of beauty" offers a novelty in the hand care – care cream. The new formula and compact packaging allow carrying it with you and getting full hand care at any time.

  • Hand care cream
  • Hand care cream
  • Hand care cream

Hand care cream with maize oil
Cream is created according to updated formula, contains maize oil, vitamins A, E, F. Maize oil nourishes, moisturizes the skin, and group of vitamins provides good nutrition. Hand skin looks well-groomed and gentle.

Hand care cream with shea butter
Cream contains shea butter and vitamin group, the unique composition of the cream provides hands gentle care, thanks to which hands look beautiful and young. The composition is enriched with calcium which strengthens the nail plate.

Hands and nails care cream with pistachio oil
Cream provides not only hand, but also nails care. It comprises keratin and pistachio oil, vitamins, calcium. Pay special attention to the nail plate. Cream nourishes, moisturizes and protects skin.

Cream is packed into a compact package that you can carry in the bag.

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