Micellar water is a unique source of purification

10 October 2016

Every woman or girl is well familiar with a moment when it’s time to wash off your make-up after an intensive working or busy day.

Micellar water is a unique source of purification

Using different kinds of tools for make-up removal we are often faced with the problem of the appearance of a greasy film on the face or with low-quality removal of make-up.

Recently, more and more often there is a talk in cosmetic media about the unique properties of the micellar water. For the first time this product was developed in France. At first it was not used in the cosmetic industry; it was especially created product to cleanse the skin of people suffering from various dermatological disorders (dryness, peeling, irritation). Later it was used for hygienic purposes - to care for newborns. And just in time inventive technologists-pharmacists introduced micellar water in the cosmetic sector thereby simplifying the procedure of removing makeup for many women.

Its unique properties micellar water received due to presence of micelles in its composition. These are small particles in the form of liquid spherical crystals. Exactly these particles attract the excess fat and various pollutions thus cleansing the surface of our skin. Micellar water does not contain chemically harmful substances, alcohol, parabens, synthetic dyes or soap which in other make-up removing products literally eat into the skin to clean it from dirt. Product removes dirt from your face carefully, delicately and efficiently without irritating even the most sensitive skin. Using this product you will simplify removing makeup routine a lot. You do not need to stand in front of the mirror for a long time rubbing the face or eyes to get rid of the make-up. Micellar water will easily and naturally set your skin in order at end of day.

The company "Alliance of beauty" pays special attention to the micellar products series. Micellar water, lotion, gel and mousse from the brands «Family doctor», «Energy of vitamins», «Bio Pharma» will make the process of your skin cleansing a pleasant and productive. Each product was developed according to a special formula taking into account characteristics of the skin and needs of each woman. Due to wide assortment of micellar series, you'll be able to find the right micellar product for yourself without difficulty and it will be a reliable assistant in your daily skin cleansing procedure.

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