Sea-buckthorn is the healing source of woman’s beauty

10 October 2016

Since childhood for all of us pleasant aroma and special taste of bright and sunny sea-buckthorn is well-known. Who does not remember sweet grandmother’s sea-buckthorn tea or sweet jam which were "a panacea" of all existing colds?!

Sea-buckthorn is the healing source of woman’s beauty

Each of us knows very well how much this berry is useful for human health, it contains a vitamin complex necessary for a strong immune system. Do we know special features of the use of sea-buckthorn in cosmetology? How great is its "cosmetology power"? 

To begin with, the sea-buckthorn is a real godsend for the health and beauty of our skin. The oil made of this fruit is a great helper for aged skin. It improves elasticity, tones up and even helps to smooth facial wrinkles.  Freckles and pigmentation are removed with its help and a variety of injuries are treated. Thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing effect sea-buckthorn oil is perfect for dry skin prone to flaking.  It is also used for lip care, for skin around the eyes and eyelashes. 

Sea-buckthorn is equally useful for hair. A decoction of sea-buckthorn prevents hair loss and even cures baldness. Shampoos created on sea-buckthorn basis help to strengthen hair follicles make hair fluffy, thick and shiny. 

The range of TM «OBLEPIKHA» cosmetics from "Alliance of beauty", the main component of which is just healing sea-buckthorn oil, offers you a whole complex of products for your body care, face and hair. Thanks to the unique properties of sea-buckthorn your skin will get a full charge of vitamins and minerals giving health and beauty to you! 

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