Quality standards

The company has implemented in its production the international quality management system (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP 22716 annually controlled by the European Czech certification authority LL-C. According to GMP standards the most advanced companies in the world are operated. This is a set of rules, regulations and guidelines for the production, storage and testing of the product ingredients. GMP is a guarantee of excellent quality and safety of manufactured products.

The enterprise has the ISO 9001 certificate and CERTIFICATE EN ISO 22716: 2009 (№550518005 registered on 23 of May 2018, valid till 22 of May 2021). These are international standard describing the requirements for a quality management system of organizations and enterprises. ISO 9001 standards have been adopted in many countries. 

The products of trademark "n0% green home" of the Alliance of Beauty company have been certified by the conformity assessment body "Center for Environmental Certification and Labeling" VOO "Living Planet". Products meet environmental criteria.

The presence of this certificate guarantees the consumer absolute safety, harmlessness to human health and the environment, as well as excellent quality of the Alliance of Beauty products.