Private label

One of the important activities of the company is a PRIVATE  LABEL. Technology of production of "Alliance of beauty" today allows the company to produce more than 300 items of cosmetics commissioned by companies and retailers who are interested in expansion of the assortment under their own brands.

Modern production, the latest scientific research and development, the creation of formulae of any complexity, raw materials of the leading European companies with the necessary hygienic conclusion - all this has allowed the company "Alliance of beauty" to be a good partner for many customers. 

Pharmaceutical scientific research center "Alliance of beauty", represented by its management, guarantee the quality and safety of manufactured products, regardless of cost and brand. Confirmation of this is designed and implemented at the enterprise international quality management system (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP 22716 annually controlled by the European Czech certification authority LL-C.

Private label

Types of manufactured products:

·         liquid soaps

·         shower gels

·         shampoos

·         bubble baths

·         varieties of creams

·         lotions

·         air refreshers

·         sanitary gels and sprays for hands

·         balsams

·         shower buffing

·         body scrubs

·         child care

·         intimate hygiene

·         sun care

·         oral rinse

·         bath salts

·         dishwashing products

·         household detergents

·         antiperspirants

·         body oils

·         liquid laundry (washing gel and  conditioner-softener)

·         ORGANIC products

Types of packings

·      own production of PET containers

·      packaging of products in tubes

·      packaging of products in doypacks without spout, with spout (corner spout and corner handle from 400 ml to 2000 ml)

·      supply capacity of PE, PP, HDPE flacons of Belarus and European manufacturers

Minimal possible order mass for boiling

·         foam washing (liquid soaps, shampoos) and  household detergents - from 1000 

kg/of one kind

·         cream group

       - from 700 kg/of one kind; (packing in flacon, jars and tube);

       - from 200 kg/of one kind; (packing in small jars);

·         oils - from 500 kg/of one kind


      Our commercial clients that order products under private labels: LLC “DC Ukraine”,  LLC "Rush", LLC "ATB-Market", LLC "Auchan”, LLC "Fozzy", LLC "Tavria-B", LLC "Chistaya Planeta", DE "Savservis",  LLC "Looky-Look", LLC "Ukrprofmed", LLC "Med-service Invest", LLC "Juice Alliance", LLC «UNIVERSALNE AHENSTVO «PRO-PHARMA», LLC "Mirtgroup", LLC "EKO", LLC "Pharmaceutical factory “Ampula”", LLC "Ukrainian retail", LLC " QUALITY NATURAL PRODUCTS", LLC "AMRITA", LLC "Dzhereliia".

 "Alliance of beauty" is actively developing company, which during all its work achieved good results in the cosmetic market of our country. We are a reliable partner, combining a wide experience, unique capabilities and personal approach to each client!