The production site of the Pharmaceutical Scientific Research Center "Alliance of beauty" is located in the Kyiv region, Vyshhorod district, Syniak village. It is a large factory for the manufacture of various types of cosmetic products.

The factory employs more than 300 people of working staff, which is the main value of the company.

The manufacturing process is fully automated. Today the modern equipment and the latest technologies make it possible for the company to produce more than 350 items of own products and 300 products for contract manufacturing. To ensure the safety of manufactured products at the plant there was introduced a special control system of sanitary condition of production: the staff, premises and equipment.

Special attention should be paid to the water purification system at the factory. It is the whole modern station. Since water is the basis of all cosmetic products, it is important to rid it of impurities, salts, unwanted microparticles. Special equipment placed at the factory, allows to make it high quality, and most importantly - to get excellent result for the characteristics of the product.

Thanks to own research and microbiology laboratories, the company has the ability to make different types of product testing on the initial and final stages, as well as to carry out microbiological control goods produced and all raw materials entering the production.

The company has also developed and implemented the international quality management system (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP 22716 annually controlled by the European Czech certification authority LL-C.  This means that the quality of production of company's products fit the established European standards.

A lot of attention is paid to the sanitary condition of the premises and staff. Sterility, purity and strict control over the hygiene of employees are important directions in the activity of the company. 

Today, the "Alliance of beauty" is a striking example of production, working according to European standards, the activity of which is based on providing consistently high quality products.