“Alliance of beauty” nowadays

Creation of cosmetic products - is an art, exquisite workmanship, thanks to which the beauty of a woman is born. Combining the latest scientific developments, natural ingredients and modern production technology, we make every effort to turn this art in a variety of high-quality and effective skincare products.

Vadym Gerashchenko
General manager of the company “Alliance of beauty”

Pharmaceutical scientific research center "Alliance of beauty" is a stable and dynamically developing company in the cosmetic market of Ukraine. Company is part of group of the largest producers of cosmetic products of our country. Today the assortment basket of goods of “Alliance of beauty” has more than 350 titles released under their own brands: «Moy kapriz», «BIO Pharma», «Family doctor», «BIO SUN», «Energy of Vitamins», «Vkusnyie Sekretyi»,  «ORGANIC CONTROL», «Yasne sonechko», «NATURAL SPA», «OBLEPIKHA», «VIVA OLIVA», «Bio Crystal», «Klinika zdorovya». All the company's products are created according to unique formulae of high quality raw materials of European manufacturers.  

“Alliance of beauty” nowadays

Today the company has:

-  own factory for cosmetic products manufacturing;

- own scientific research and microbiological laboratories;

- modern design studio with team of specialists in the sphere of design of labels, packing, logos, corporate design elements;

- providing more than 300 workplaces, including a well-coordinated team of specialists, aimed at the overall performance;

-  distribution network across Ukraine.Branch offices in Odesa, Kharkiv, representation of products abroad (Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Lebanon, Yemen, Baltic countries);

- leadership among Ukrainian manufacturers in the development and production of organic products controlled by the Italian certification authority ІCEA;

-  more than 300 items of cosmetics on order of companies and retailers who are interested in expanding the range under its own brands.   

All products of the company "Alliance of beauty" is produced under the rules of severe European standards of GMP. On the basis of the enterprise employees constantly pass GMP and ISO standards training, under which the largest plants in the world are operated. The company conducts training and workshops that allow enterprise employees to become better acquainted with the rules of production and quality control of cosmetic products.

Today, 10% of the production staff of the company are product quality inspectors at all stages of the technology cycle: control of raw materials, packaging, semi-products, finished products, etc. The company makes constant modernization of equipment, introduction of new technological solutions, allowing you to create new and improved products.

In its activities "Alliance of beauty" adheres to two basic principles:

·   development of long-term and mutually beneficial relations with partners: mutual trust, openness and shared responsibility for the results;

·   release of products of established quality and guarantee of its safety for consumers.

"Alliance of beauty" is dynamically developing company, which during all its work actively strife for development and improvement. After reaching certain results, we do not stop and set ourselves new goals and objectives. We keep pace with technological progress and constantly follow the latest manufacturing technologies of cosmetic products. This allows us to develop, to grow, to please the partners and to give a sense of harmony and health to our customers.  

“Alliance of beauty” nowadays

Our achievements:

  • TM "My whim" was awarded the all-Ukrainian sign of quality "Vishcha test" for the quality and competitiveness.
  • TM "Delicious secrets was awarded the" Gold Medal "of the exhibition" Intersharm Ukraine 2006 "in the nomination" For quality products and respect for the customer "
  • Brand "Delicious secrets" won the competition "100 best rock tovarіv"
  • The company "Alliance of Beauty" becomes a member of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
  • At the National Business Rating, the company received the award "Industry Leader"
  • The company was awarded the distinction of "Best Body Cream" and "Best hand sanitizer"
  • "Beauty Alliance" won "Exporter of the Year"
  • The company is awarded as the best domestic manufacturer chasnoe
  • "Alliance of Beauty" received a national award "Private label-2015" among the Ukrainian producers in the nomination "The stability of supply"