Social activity

Social activity is extremely important for our company. For me it is a great responsibility to the people next to whom I live and work. Thus, we are not going to stop on achieved and will continue to walk confidently on the road of good deeds.

General Manager of the company “Alliance of beauty” Vadym GERASHCHENKO

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the main activities for any developed company. Perform additional social obligations to society - a feature of the company with an active social position and activities. Work in that field is characteristic of the company that cares not only about its development, but also about development of humanity and environment as well.

Since foundation of company "Alliance of beauty" in the Kyiv region, Vyshhorod district, the founders of the company have started active social work to support various segments of the population of this area and improvement of the native region for them. During the period of operation, "Alliance of Beauty" sold more than a dozen projects and actions aimed at public welfare.

Over the many years of work in the region, the help became a separate field of activity for the company. In the words of General Manager Vadym Gerashchenko, he plans to develop it on ongoing basis. During the considerable period they managed to do a lot of good deeds, and to provide support not for one family or individual. Targeted aid to needy and large families, single mothers, the disabled and the elderly; support of kindergartens and schools; assistance in the organization of cultural events and festivals; implementation of environmental projects - and this is only a part of what "Alliance of beauty" was able to bring in many villages of Vyshhorod district. 

Besides social projects, the company does not forget about charitable work actively cooperating with the district organization of the Red Cross and charitable organizations, which are aimed at supporting the fighters of ATO. During the period of such cooperation "Alliance of beauty" was able to convey to the needs of individuals and guys who now stand at the forefront of the East of our country, dozens of boxes of cosmetic products necessary for human hygiene.

The company also has an active financial and material support to the schools of the district where the company is located, carries out in-house professional orientation work for schoolchildren, involving relevant professionals for this.

Today the "Alliance of Beauty" has proved to be a company that conducts active and ongoing social activities, trying to combine its own development with the ability to help: people and the environment.


10 October 2016
Football as the rhythm of life!
<p> Sport always inspired and tempered people. Sports raised the patriotic spirit of the people and urged all famous champions for new challenges.    </p>
10 October 2016
"Alliance of beauty" is on guard of environmental protection activities
During its existence the company "Alliance of beauty" actively cares for the environment. One of the important directions in the work of the enterprise is environmental activity.
9 October 2016
Career guidance of schoolchildren with "Alliance of beauty"
<p> The management of "Alliance of beauty" believes that the successful development of our country depends on its young people, so pay special attention to career orientation of schoolchildren of this district.    </p>
10 October 2016
"Alliance of beauty" on the path of charity
One of the important activities of Pharmaceutical Scientific Research Center "Alliance of beauty" is charity.
10 October 2016
Cultural traditions together with the "Alliance of beauty"
"Alliance of Beauty" is actively involved in the development of Vyshhorod district where the enterprise cis located, and often joins the celebration of various events that take place in the villages.
10 October 2016
"Alliance of beauty" builds playgrounds for children!
Most of the social and charitable activities of the company "Alliance of of beauty" is aimed at the development and welfare of children in Vyshhorod district of Kyiv region.