French complex CAPAUXEIN

French complex CAPAUXEIN

French complex CAPAUXEIN - is a peptide (protein) derived from maize. It is created to strengthen regeneration of hair, stimulates hair growth at length, contributes to the activation of growth of hair follicles, and prolongs their life cycle.
Ex-vivo hair growth study showed that the use of the CAPAUXEIN complex promotes:

•    improvement of hair growth at length by 71% on 8th day and by 110% on the 14th day

•    strength increasing of growing hair by 50%

•    increasing of hair density by 24%

CAPAUXEIN strengthens hair shaft and protects hair follicle from stress factors.

Applied in case of:

  • intensive loss or significant thinning hairистончении волос
  • poststress hair loss
  • alopecia localis

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