Vitamin А

Vitamin А

Vitamin A or retinol is one of the most vital and necessary for the human vitamins. The use of vitamin A for the health is invaluable, it participates in oxidizing-improving processes, affects the synthesis of proteins at the cellular and subcellular membranes. Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of of the skeletal system and teeth, it has an effect on fat metabolism and the growth of new cells.  

Vitamin A provides normal metabolism, regulates protein synthesis. Often it is called a vitamin of eyes, since its presence is crucially determine the quality of vision, especially night. Furthermore, vitamin A is responsible for eyes moisturizing, thereby protecting them from drying out and injury of cornea.

Retinol belongs to an important component of the skin cells ensuring its smoothness and elasticity. Products containing retinol cure acneiform rash, acne, pimples and are applied in recovery of the skin after sunburn and wounds.

Vitamin A is also vitally important during human embryonic development, protecting it from various types of pathologies.

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