«Moy kapriz» is the first brand of cosmetics, which was created by "Alliance of Beauty". The basis of the product line is formed by the natural components of many healing plants, berries, tea extracts, essential oils. A vitamin complex of products’ ingredients "Moy kapriz" takes care of your skin, nourishes and moisturizes it, protecting it from external negative influences.  Cream for hands, face and body created by the latest scientific developments fill your skin with energy maintaining its natural beauty.

The line is also represented by wide range of tanning and aftersun skincare products designed for all skin types and all the family.  Thus, the oil with factor №6 nourishes and moisturizes already tanned swarthy skin, factor №50 is an ideal solution for the lightest and sensitive to the sun skin. Convenient dispenser on the bottle allows to put lotion on the skin in one motion. The composition of products is enriched with D- panthenol, echinacea and other ingredients that not only reliably protect the skin, but also moisturize, nourish and prevent the process of aging.

TM "Moy kapriz" cosmetic line is a symbiosis of beauty and health, which will satisfy the individual needs of every customer! 

Brand products:

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