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Hair care 


Fortifying shampoo with extracts of nettle and oak for different hair types

Code: 4823080001776

Shampoo is made for care of different types of hair. Thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp of impurities and cares giving a feeling of comfort and freshness.  Nettle - the active ingredients contained in nettle strengthen hair roots and stimulate their growth delivering the desired volume. Oak - oak active ingredients normalize work of sebaceous glands and are used for sensitive care of scalp prone to greasiness.

Directions: apply to wet hair. Rinse with water in 2-3 minutes. It is recommended for frequent use.

Volume:  1000 ml

Вода очищенная, лауретсульфат натрия, хлорид натрия, кокамидопропилбетаин, кокамид ДЕА, глицерин, парфюмерная композиция, поликватерниум-7, бензиловый спирт, 5-хлор-2-метил-4-изотиазолинон-3-он, ЕДТА, алантоин, ПЕГ-40 гидрогенизированное касторовое масло, екстракт кропивы, екстракт коры дуба, лимонная кислота, красители : CI 19140, CI 15985, CI 28440.