Laminaria is a large sea brown alga with ribbon-like thallus. Oil which contains a lot of vitamins (B, C, D, carotenoids), macroelements and micronutrients such as sodium, nitrogen, iron and others is produced of laminaria brown plates. Laminaria oil improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and reduces the thickness of body fat. Also it has a draining effect, increasing the outflow of a superfluous liquid and not allowing it to stagnate in the body tissues.

Thanks to laminaria oil the organism is being rejuvenated, because it makes the skin moisturized and more elastic. Also, this oil is used as a wound healing agent. It is used for fighting cellulite and as anti-inflammatory drug.

Laminaria strengthens hair and stop hair loss. The mask of laminaria for hair normalizes metabolic processes occurring in the scalp, gives hair roots the necessary nourishment, and enlivens it. Such mask is a stimulator of hair follicles. Laminaria is also an excellent remedy for seborrhea.

The benefit of Laminaria for face is provided by a formulation containing high concentrations of useful micronutrients and vitamins (iodine, potassium, calcium, choline, niacin, vitamin C and iron). With regular use skin it visibly improves skin quality, its elasticity is increased, it is cleaned of layers of keratinized cells and toxins. By using laminaria for your face in the various masks, you can forget about problems such as age-related changes, pigmentation spots, acne and wrinkles. Each vitamin and micronutrient in the composition of algae penetrating the skin is actively working at the cellular level by participating in metabolic processes and thus improving the condition of even the most problematic skin. 

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