Hawthorn, or it’s also called briar, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and has antispasmodic action, improves blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, improves the elasticity of blood vessel walls, beneficially effects on the level of venous pressure. Hawthorn has a huge number of useful properties. The fruits of the plant contain a lot of acids: citric, malic, tartaric, ascorbic and many other organic acids. Also there are other valuable substances: carotene, choline, starch, glycosides, fructose, fitosteridy, tannins, saponins, flavanoids, and many others. In fruit seeds such nutrients were found as amygdalin, volatile small, the inflorescences - a lot of acids: caffeic, chlorogenic and others giperozid.   

Hawthorn is a wonderful phytoncides it improves the nutrition of the skin, stimulates it. An extract from flowers and berries of this plant has valuable properties for the skin, has a calming effect, and refreshes the skin and cools it. 

Hawthorn activates metabolism, improves blood flow in the skin cells. Cream with hawthorn extract smoothes small wrinkles, nourishes, regenerates, tones the skin, making it more elastic. Hawthorn extract helps to restore the skin after prolonged sun exposure. It is also known that the extract of hawthorn flowers is used in the creation of therapeutic shampoos for the hair.

The extract of fruits, leaves or flowers of hawthorn has about the same effect, primarily a tonic, refreshing, anti-oxidant. Hawthorn extract stimulates cell renewal and natural moisture, neutralizing the harmful effects of the environment, has a relaxing effect, reduces environmental stress, and contributes to the enrichment of the skin with oxygen. Some studies have shown that hawthorn has not only a mild astringent effect, but also may provide some symptomatic relief for oily seborrhea, acne and other inflammatory skin diseases.

In addition, hawthorn extract has pronounced soothing properties, improves blood circulation in the skin, reduces sensitivity, and relieves irritation and itching of the skin. Specific tartness of hawthorn fruit indicates that that they have a strong astringent action.

Also hawthorn helps in more serious dermatological problems. The contents of a large amount of antioxidants in the composition of the berries of this plant make it a useful tool for topical application to the skin - especially they help for burns, ulcers. Some of the organic compounds have anti-inflammatory effects and suit well for reducing itching in wound healing or other skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

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