Beggars-ticks herb has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, and it’s a blood cleansing remedy because of the large number of biologically active substances, so it is widely used in skin diseases, various forms of diathesis, accompanied by a rash of allergic nature (especially in children), abrasions. Neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea scalp (dandruff) are treated by it.

Leaves and flowers of beggars-ticks contain carotene, vitamin C, essential oils and tannins. Thanks to flavonoids and polysaccharides beggars-ticks has a powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effect. Beggars-ticks is very important in the treatment of skin diseases too. Extract beggars-ticks (whether the broth, cream or ointment) is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for eczema, dermatitis, acne.

Beggars-ticks is an excellent tool effectively influencing health and appearance of hair. Very often, beggars-ticks are used to strengthen the hair, as keratonin is a part of this plant and it gives curls strength and shine. It is especially effective to use a decoction of the series when the hair do not grow well, or a very heavily exposed to constant influence of a hair dryer, curling or styling. In addition, beggars-ticks eliminate irritation on the scalp and normalize secretion of sebaceous glands, thereby eliminating greasy luster.

Beggars-ticks are also used in the production of medical cosmetics, used in various dermatological diseases, mainly of the allergic nature. The beggars-ticks extract has also photoprotective action - protects against the damaging effect of UV, it helps to reduce sweating.

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