Echinacea is a perennial not high plant with short rhizome having a plurality of thin roots.

Echinacea has beneficial properties that help in the treatment of various diseases. Using of Echinacea enhances immunity. The plant has antiviral properties: it does not allow coccal infections, harmful bacteria and viruses to grow. Echinacea is used in herpes, influenza and intestinal infections. This plant is often used as an agent that has anti-inflammatory action. Echinacea has the ability to heal difficult wounds, ulcers and eczema.

The property of Echinacea to increases immunity is caused by a large number of biologically active substances in its content. There are essential oils, polysaccharides, gums, glucosides, saponins, organic acids, phytosterols, tannins, alkaloids, phenolic acids, polyenes. In the roots of Echinacea substance of betain was found that can prevent the development of stroke and heart attack.

As a result of recent studies, it was found that Echinacea have substances that block the enzyme hyaluronidase also protect against destruction of hyaluronic acid. It is extremely important to maintain normal water balance of the skin and protect it from pathogens. In addition, Echinacea preparations are hypoallergenic. They do not cause skin irritation.

Face creams which include Echinacea extract enhance the immune capacity of the skin. As a result of their use the production of collagen, elastin and collagen fibers increases which are the "armature" of the skin.  Echinacea extract regenerates tissues, keeps the skin from peeling and dehydration, stimulates the lymphatic system, speeding up the elimination of toxins and impurities. Echinacea is included in "solar cosmetics." It is very effective in case of burns and also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Creams that contain echinacea and milk whey are well absorbed into the skin and leave no oily sheen.

Vitamins and minerals in Echinacea feed skin and enhance its barrier properties. This is possible due to vitamin E contained in the plant. Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that protects our skin from free radicals. And vitamin C, which is in large quantities in Echinacea, lightens the skin (especially true for owners of "freckles" and dark circles under the eyes), and acts as a natural preservative creams.

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