Raspberry is a shrub with sweet dark-red berries. The content of vitamins E, PP, A, B2 in raspberries makes its cosmetic properties indispensable. Raspberry helps to keep the skin toned, prolonging its youth, it whitens and nourishes. The berries of raspberry are able to freshen up and align the complexion and protect against wrinkles, moisturize the skin making it more elastic. They comprise up to 12% of sugar, up to 3% of organic acids and their salts, tannin and coloring substances, pectins, cellulose, vitamins ("B1", "B2", "PP"), folic and ascorbic acids, carotene, copper and potassium salts, iodine, fatty acids, essential oil and other valuable substances and minerals. Thanks to the rich content of biologically active substances and a variety of medicinal properties raspberry is the most valuable berry in medicine and cosmetology.

Frozen decoction of raspberry leaves and lime flowers is used for wiping the face and helps to fight wrinkles and loose skin. And skin with dilated pores prone to greasiness is recommended to be wiped with fresh raspberry juice in the morning.

Raspberry promotes skin whitening, so it is used to get rid of freckles. For this purpose fresh berries and raspberry juice are used. Raspberries are useful for hair too. A decoction of raspberry leaves helps to make hair shade naturally black.

Fresh berries of raspberry are used in masks for oily skin providing a tonic effect due to the content of organic acids. Masks of raspberries help to improve skin color. Infusions or decoctions of the leaves are advised to wipe the face with acne.

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