Tea tree oil

 Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil.  Tea tree essential oil is an excellent antiseptic, strong anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent. It is part of the liquids for massages and inhalation in bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, cough, flu and colds.

Besides that this oil contains 40 useful organic ingredients, tea tree also has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and helps to cope with yeast and fungal infections.

As a strong anti-inflammatory agent tea tree oil disinfects and heals wounds, reduces body temperature during cold or flu, has analgesic properties, increases energy capacity, relieves swelling. 

 This oil is successfully used both in case of chronic or acute inflammatory processes of the skin, it successfully fights dartre and acne. Oil helps to get rid of viral, bacterial and parasitic dermatitis, eczema, inflammatory infiltrates on the skin. It eliminates swelling, irritation, itching and reddening restoring a healthy color and skin relief. Tea tree essential oil has a positive effect on hair, strengthening them and eliminating dandruff.

It is among the few oils that are suitable for oily skin prone to inflammation. It is prescribed in the itching, acne and warts, as well as hair loss.

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