Almond oil

Almond oil

Almond oil is absolutely natural product which is obtained by cold pressing of the peeled kernels of sweet and bitter almonds, and is widely used for cosmetic purposes, for skin care, body and hair.
In the content of almond oil there are quite a number of vitamins (E, A, F, as well as vitamins B) and other components, providing a variety of beneficial effects on the skin and hair, so such popularity of its use in cosmetics is not surprising.

Due to the content of a pretty high percentage of E vitamin almond oil, at constant use of it, slows down the aging process, also protecting from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The presence of vitamin A in almond oil promotes good skin moisturizing and vitamin F helps to normalize the sebaceous glands and prevent the expansion of the pores on the face.

Almond oil for face can be used for any skin type, but especially good to use it for dry, and already flabby aging skin. This caused primarily by the fact that almond oil has good nutrient, emollient and rejuvenating effects. Also it is perfectly suitable for the care of aging skin around the eyes.

Almond oil can rightfully be called one of the strongest natural resources, strengthening hair and stimulating growth. It perfectly nourishes the hair, increases its elasticity, flexibility and shine.

Despite its high nutrition, almond oil it is pretty easy in its structure, and is well absorbed by the skin. It can be used both in pure form and as a base for preparation of creams, as well as mixed with other natural oils or addition to various products for face care. 

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