Papaya oil

Papaya oil

Papaya oil is used exceptionally for cosmetic purposes - for skin and hair care. It contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and rich in potassium. The oil together with all parts of the plant contains unique enzyme papain that has special cleaving properties.

Oil is perfectly absorbed into the skin, easily penetrates into cells and moisturizes and revitalizes the face. An unusual fatty acid composition in total has remarkable softening properties and absorbed by the skin without putting down greasy marks on it. Papain contributes to the dissolution of dead cells of the top layer of the epidermis, thus improving a look of the skin and giving a healthy color and beauty. Papain also decomposes odd sebum regulating excessive oiliness and cleaning the pores.

Papaya oil has a bactericidal action and can be used as a disinfecting agent for small skin lesions. It is suitable for the treatment of normal and oily skin, acne and other diseases. Papaya juice has a unique property - it cleaves keratin protein. With the help of juice of this exotic fruit dead skin cells are perfectly removed and its structure is aligned. For this reason it is often a component of the cleansing masks and scrubs. Products made of papaya are a part of mitigating and exfoliating soaps, scrubs, whitening creams and masks, sunbathing and aftersun products, shampoos and hair masks, shaving creams, toothpastes.

As part of hair care products papaya oil gives additional conditioning properties, gives hair a healthy shine. Papaya seed oil strengthens and nourishes hair, restores the damaged surface and gives it the strength and beauty. If one use it to care of the scalp it is possible to get rid of dandruff and dry skin for a long time. Papaya oil takes care of hair restoring its structure. It makes hair more manageable and restores their natural shine. 

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