"Alliance of beauty" builds playgrounds for children!

10 October 2016

Most of the social and charitable activities of the company "Alliance of of beauty" is aimed at the development and welfare of children in Vyshhorod district of Kyiv region.

It is known that today not every village can afford a full-fledged children's playground. Usually, there is either one playground for the whole village or there is none at all.

General Manager of "Alliance of beauty" Vadym Gerashchenko pays special attention to support children's development: "Our future generation should grow, develop, learn and live in comfortable conditions. We must provide them with these conditions maximally so that in the future they can create such conditions for us. "

That’s why "Alliance of beauty" pleased the youngest residents of Demydov and Tarasovshchyna villages with pleasant gifts having built real playing yards for them. Employees of the company headed by Vadim Gerashchenko brought special children's slides, swings and a sandbox that are the best suitable for younger children. Gift pleasantly surprised both kids and adults. Now kids can gladly spend free time in well-loved place.

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