"Alliance of beauty" is on guard of environmental protection activities

10 October 2016

During its existence the company "Alliance of beauty" actively cares for the environment. One of the important directions in the work of the enterprise is environmental activity.

«Today environmental issues are as topical as never. The ecological status of our nature is poor. That is why it is important to bear personal responsibility while relaxing in the fresh air, do not litter, and if possible to take up the environmental activities», - notes General Manager of the company «Alliance of beauty» Vadym Gerashchenko.

The company's employees regularly join various eco-projects that are initiated in Vyshhorod district. Thus, on the occasion of World Environment Day team "Alliance of beauty" has decided to remove garbage fr om the area around the lake in the village Syniak wh ere the company's factory is located. As it turned out most of resting people show a deep indifference to nature leaving a large number of bottles and wrappers out of food. Employees of the company "Alliance of beauty" collected about nine large bags of garbage. After cleaning the area around the lake has got a completely different view: the beauty of the herbs wasn’t spoiled by scattered bottles, and walks along the pond became more pleasant and safe.

"Alliance of beauty" also joins the environmental campaigns initiated by the residents of the district. The company's team headed by General Manager Vadym Gerashchenko took part in cleaning and clearing the lake in Demydov village. Water pond was neglected. Together with the inhabitants of the village staff cleaned the area from garbage, dried branches and old trees thereby giving a second life to the lake.

The company also attaches schoolchildren of the district to environmental projects. Thus, General Manager of "Alliance of beauty" Vadym Gerashchenko together with students of Siniakivska School planted fruit garden on the territory of the local church which now pleases children and parishioners with its gifts.

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