"Alliance of beauty" on the path of charity

10 October 2016

One of the important activities of Pharmaceutical Scientific Research Center "Alliance of beauty" is charity.

The company actively cooperates with the organization of the Red Cross and charities whose activities are aimed at supporting the fighters of ATO.

Thus, the "Alliance of beauty" regularly sends help in the form of own production for socially disadvantaged sections of the community to the Red Cross. Help to the ATO fighters become a separate direction of activity. Dozens of boxes of products for human hygiene needs (foot cream, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, etc.) have been transferred from the company to the area of combat operations through charitable organizations. Upon the initiative of CEO Vadym Gerashchenko, "Alliance of beauty" transferred to the ATO zone for 24th military intelligence company the thermal imager which is very important for the safety of the guys that are at the forefront of the East of our country.   

The company also does not forget about people who constantly support and help the soldiers in the ATO zone - about volunteers. Charity activists from Gavrilovka village of Vyshgorodsky area near which company "Alliance of beauty" is located received bicycles and gifts with the products from Vadym Gerashchenko in gratitude for their work.

"Charity is an important activity for any highly developed company. "Alliance of beauty" has never kept aloof from other people's problems. If we have the opportunity we are always ready to respond and help», - Vadym Gerashchenko.   

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