The series of cosmetic products of TM «Pharma BIO LABORATORY» for hair and skin care is based on special tested popular recipes of herbal medicine. Technologists-pharmacists of the company "Alliance of beauty" managed to develop unique recipes that combine traditional recipes of infusions, innovative technologies, modern active molecules and pharmaceutical substances. This makes BIO Pharma products unique, with proven effectiveness. Effect of complexes included in recipes is tested in the leading laboratories in Europe and the United States.

In the product line you will find complexes directly aimed at solving problems of hair loss, dandruff, odor, heavy and tired legs, rejuvenation of hand skin. BIO Pharma offers sensitive units for children's skin, intimate hygiene, total care products for nails and much more.

The basis of many recipes has not regular water, but infusion of herbs that has a maximum therapeutic effect due to the action of the biologically active substances contained in the plant material.

Significantly that many products of TM Pharma BIO do not contain SLS and SLES (active surfactants), and synthetic colorants and parabens. All used active ingredients included in the composition of Pharma BIO line are carefully selected, and finished products are subject to mandatory testing for the quality of the subject, efficiency and safety.

Product line Pharma BIO is your source of curative agents that incorporate the most efficient and useful properties.

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